Lick 25
Difficulty: 2

This is a simple lick that involves a pull. It is very movable to other pentatonic areas

Lick 26
Difficulty: 2.5

This is really 2 fairly simple licks and a chord riff pattern to play with it

Lick 27
Difficulty: 2.5

A fairly easy continuous hammer and pull technique. Hendrix used this technique a lot

Lick 28
Difficulty: 3

This is a lick with a Hendrix feel to it. It includes a chord part and a few lead licks

Lick 29
Difficulty: 2.5

Uses a 3 note descending sequence on a D minor Pentatonic Scale Form 1

Lick 30
Difficulty: 2.5

This lick uses a combination of hammers, pulls, and whammy bar.