Lick 19
Difficulty: 2

In A minor Pentatonic Form 1 shows a 6 note sequence descending and ascending

Lick 20
Difficulty: 3

Acoustic picking pattern for the first chords of the Simon and Garfunkel song Mrs. Robinson

Lick 21
Difficulty: 3

This lesson shows how to play a I IV V Rock n’ Roll progression and a lick to use with it

Lick 22
Difficulty: 2

This is an easy lick using a hammer and showing picking techniques to play it staccato or legato

Lick 23
Difficulty: 1

A simple double note lick used with licks 21 and 22 to demonstrate putting a basic solo together

Lick 24
Difficulty: 2

This is a cliche lick that can be used at the turnaround area of a chord progression