Lick 37
Difficulty: 2

this is a simple 5 note lick using triplets and then using 16th notes

Lick 38
Difficulty: 1.5

this lick repeats 4 times with a different ending the second time. It uses the Blues Scales

Lick 39
Difficulty: 3

This wraps up Licks 32 through 38 and gives some ideas of what you can with them.

See TABS 32-38.

Lick 40
Difficulty: 2

This is a descending chromatic lick with hammers and pulls. I first heard this on a Jeff Beck solo

Lick 41
Difficulty: 2

This is a short lick based on a whole tone scale but it ascends chromatically. An interesting sound

Lick 42
Difficulty: 2

This lick is similar to lick 41, but instead of moving chromatically, it maintains the whole tone scale