Lick 13
Difficulty: 1

Very easy lick in Bb. Based on Ma3 and b7 chord tones. Uses the same jam track as Lick 12.

Lick 14
Difficulty: 2

Similar to lick 7 but on different scale tones and shown in Minor and Major Pentatonic Form

Lick 15
Difficulty: 3

This is a lick uses string skips, a hammer, a pull, and a few interesting picking techniques

Lick 16
Difficulty: 3

This Hendrix style lick basically uses 4 notes. The picking can be a bit tricky

Lick 17
Difficulty: 2

This lesson shows how to use a 4 note sequence of the A minor Pentatonic Form 1

Lick 18
Difficulty: 3

In A minor Pentatonic Form 1 shows a 4 note sequence that progresses by one note at a time