Lick 7
Difficulty: 2

This shows a way to play a bend and another note until you reach a unison.

Lick 8
Difficulty: 2

Hammered double stopped Hendrix style licks throughout this lesson.

Lick 9
Difficulty: 3

Another Hendrix lick. It bends 2 strings at the same time but picks them one at a time.

Lick 10
Difficulty: 2

This is a lick that you can pick up speed on quickly. It uses hammers and pulls.

Lick 11
Difficulty: 2

Here is a lick using a few very short chromatic runs/bursts.

Lick 12
Difficulty: 1

This is the easiest lick I’ve used in “365” so far. It can be learned in less than a minute.