Lick 43
Difficulty: 2

This lick and the 3 that follow, use easy fret and finger patterns. This one starts by stacking 4ths

Lick 44
Difficulty: 2

This lick uses the same fret and finger pattern as licks 43, 44, 45, and 46. This starts with octaves

Lick 45
Difficulty: 2

This lick uses the same basic pattern used in the last few licks but uses chromatic connecting notes

Lick 46
Difficulty: 2

This lick uses tritones. It stacks several for dissonance, then resolves to the #9 (mi3) of the chord

Lick 47
Difficulty: 2.5

This lick uses a diminished arpeggio, hammers and slides. This one is also in the dissonant category

Lick 48
Difficulty: 2

This is a lick that uses chromatic approaches to notes, hammers, pulls, a slide, vibrato, and a slide out