I have been playing guitar for five years, but ever since I changed lessons to Mr. Porri, I feel like I learn a lot more at each lesson than I used to. I feel more confident and able to play what I want. It seems like I have no limits as to what I can do. He has really changed my outlook on music…. I now know not only what I am playing, but how to do it properly. When I went to my first lesson with him, I felt like I went back to my first day of guitar and filled in all the gaps of what I had not been taught. Now, I look forward to going to lessons which is the way everyone should feel about music.

– Jessica, age 11 – guitar student

…. willing to work with you wherever you are and take you to the place you desire to be. Simply phenomenal! I think the world of you as an instructor and teacher and can’t thank you enough for what I’ve learned in the sessions we’ve had.

– Marcus M, bass guitar student

…. In two months I’ve learned more under his instruction than I managed in five years on my own. In addition, his lessons have been fluid and flexible, blending steady progress and solid growth with my interests…..

On a more personal level, he has been- in every conceivable way- prompt, courteous, friendly and exceedingly professional. It would be difficult to find a better person from whom to learn music.

– Parker, Bloomfield – guitar student

After playing guitar for more than 20 years, I recently realized how much I did not know about playing guitar! Mostly, I felt that my improvisation was unimaginative and stuck in a rut… If I had not found a good teacher (and I had been looking for a while) I definitely would not have become excited about playing again… you showed me some concepts and music theory that really made a lot of sense… I have been making progress ever since… you are open to the type of music that I want to learn and play… you take the time to work it into our lesson and connect it with the music theory. You “teach me to fish” and that is really appreciated… I have so much more that I want to learn and now that I have the right teacher, I know I’ll get there. Thanks a million!

– Paul E.

You have opened up music to me! You have made creating and starting to understand music accessible! Thankyou!!!

– Keith H., West Hartford – guitar/songwriting/vocal student

Like a lot of people who have been playing on and off for many years, I was feeling stuck in old patterns, old techniques and old ideas.  Working with Bob has opened me up to new approaches and new ways of thinking about playing, and I’m really pleased with the results.  I’m playing better and enjoying it thoroughly.  Bob has worked with me to determine what my goals are and how best to reach them, tailoring his lessons to suit my interests and to help me get the most out of my time.  He is a patient, encouraging and generous teacher.

– Michael C. – guitar student

Bob, Thanks for all you do for Katie

– Jenny H., Windsor – parent of guitar student