I’m an adult student and Bob has been great.  While indulging my blues/rock/folk interest he’s incorporated music theory training.  Additionally, he’s encouraged me to go in a new direction.  He’s started me on classical guitar!

– Patrick F., West Hartford, CT

I’ve been taking lessons with Bob for close to five years and have improved in more areas than I thought existed.  On day one, I would have told you I was an intermediate guitar player.  It wasn’t too much longer that I realized how off my techniques were.  Since my first lesson with Bob, my techniques have tightened up drastically and I know more about guitar and music theory in general than any music classes in school ever taught me.

Bob will help you with pretty much anything, and you WILL improve if you stick with it.  I’m convinced that he holds an endless supply of guitar secrets that you won’t find anywhere else.  My dexterity, creativity, musical ear, and understanding for what I’ve been playing have skyrocketed because of Bob.  Not only does he show you what to play, but he explains the logic behind the music in ways that further improve your understanding for future goals.  In addition to learning how to play guitar properly, Bob has helped me with writing and even with recording music.  There were even times when I would bring in music homework from school and Bob would explain the material in ways that actually made sense.

All I can say is that you won’t find a more knowledgeable and patient guitar instructor who actually cares about your improvement.  If you’re completely new to guitar, Bob can quickly accelerate your learning; if you’ve been a guitarist for a while and want to take your skills to the next level, then Bob is the guy who will take you there.

– Zack C., East Windsor, CT

The amount of pride and passion that is carried out in Bob’s work as musician/teacher can’t be measured in words, instead its measured by our family’s growth and love for music. Because of him our family has a greater appreciation for music. We are very fortunate to take lessons with him. Thank you Bob.

– Fiona C., Windsor

I started studying guitar with Bob in May, 2013, and since then I’ve added electric bass, songwriting, and recording/production to our lessons. Bob doesn’t just have a deep pool of knowledge; he’s a great player, an active composer, and a skilled communicator of musical ideas. And he’s enthusiastic, supportive, and a genuinely nice guy! Highly recommended!!!

– Brett S., Windsor

Bob is  terrific teacher! He is very patient and goes at your pace. He uses all types of music to keep your interest and make it fun.

– Kevin W., Windsor

After every lesson, I’m inspired to play guitar.

– Jacob C., Manchester

I have had several guitar teachers over the years and Bob Porri has been one of the very best!  Not only is Bob an accomplished songwriter and musician in his own right and fun to talk to and learn from; he has been totally patient and responsive to my goals and needs as a student.

– Tim C., Old Saybrook

I have always wanted to play guitar. Having never played a musical instrument before and being an older guy (60+), I was really nervous about starting. Bob has made it very enjoyable and rewarding. So much so I’ve stuck around for 4 years!

– Bill R., Windsor

Bob started working with Luke at 9 years old with no experience and has worked with him for four years now. The combination of his teaching skills and expertise in technique and concept have always made the lessons effective and creative.   Bob is quick to praise accomplishments and always patient and encouraging during the times when Luke found something difficult to grasp.

– Sharon M., Enfield

Mr. Porri is an excellent teacher. I have learned more from him in a few months than I had with other teachers in a year. He is very knowledgeable and has a very good teaching method….

– Anthony, age 15 – guitar student