This page contains instructions and video lessons covering many techniques used on guitar. Hammers, pulls, bends, releases, vibrato and others will all be taught here.
Hammers and Pulls

Bends and Vibrato

Guitar Licks 1 and 2. Also, lick 2 turned into a short phrase.

Guitar Techniques - Using Pedal Tones

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Guitar Techniques
Hammer ons and Pull offs (Hammers and Pulls)

Bends and Vibrato
Note: Also think of the movement used for vibrato as a pivoting motion.

Guitar Licks

This page will be will also be populated with many Guitar Licks. Some are "cliche licks" which are basically "stock" licks that have been used by many guitarists through the years. They are yours to use also, for instance, to help get a solo going. Try to come up with some twists to make them your own, be inventive with them. When possible, try them in different pentatonic forms. Some will work well that way, others not. Use what sounds good to you. Other licks here are ones I've found useful and tried to give my own take.

These first 2 licks are of the cliche type for sure. The first one you can hear Jimmy Page use at the end of the Stairway to Heaven solo. The second one is also a common useful cliche lick. I take the 2nd lick and turn it into a little phrase by adding some other notes and techniques (like vibrato and a slide).

The Using Pedal Tones video shows one of many techniques that can be used to add interest to a solo.

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