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Guitar Exercises
On this page you will find helpful exercises to practice. Many are not only good for guitar neck fingering and picking technique, but also sound very cool and are useful to add to solos. I'm starting with some Pentatonic exercises (go figure!), but will also include exercises for major and minor scales, modes, rhythms, and right hand and chord exercises in the future.

This practice routine for the minor pentatonic scales includes the octave shapes (EDCAG). Pay attention to the picking and the "walk" back up to the octave note/tone center (the A notes in this case) before the final playing of the octave shape. For Form 1, there is no "walk" up the the octave note because you are already there on the last note. Forms 2, 3, 4 and 5 have the added "walk". This is a great warm up that should only take about a minute once you memorize them and pick up some speed. Eventually, try them starting in other keys/positions on the neck. It is also good to just do the octave shapes at times by playing the first "measure" and then going directly below to the next octave shape (in that case not playing the scales).

These exercises are good for right and left hand technique. Based on 16th notes, the second one shown also uses pulls and hammers. Be sure your picking (shown below the notes in some cases) is accurate and pay attention to when there is a pick motion (ghost) where you do not hit the string with the pick, but use it to get into position for the next properly picked note.

     16th note exercise with 
     hammers and pulls
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